Building Better Workplaces Guided by Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility.

One DEI Consulting specializes in building better workplaces including diverse, equitable, inclusive, accessible and anti-racist strategies.

Our comprehensive approach carefully examines all aspects of an organization in order to discover opportunities for improvement. Armed with this information, we can develop a results-driven plan for your business.

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“The best hour I have spent in a long time. You are amazing facilitators. Messages are coming in from staff members expressing their thanks.”

One DEI Consulting

One DEI Consulting is a firm that advises clients on strategies to build diverse, equitable, inclusive, accessible and anti-racist workplaces where everyone feels like they belong and thrive.

The status quo is not working and good intentions are not enough. Our goal is to help you achieve the best possible workplace culture for your needs.

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Improve Workplace Mental Health

  • Gain a deep understanding of issues
  • Guided by unique lived experiences

People in equity-deserving communities often experience poor workplace mental health because they are not able to be their authentic selves. 

Our unique experiences, in particular being raised in environments that lacked diversity, provide us with a deep understanding of people who don’t understand diversity, their mindset, and how best to lead organizational change to address both existing and potential issues down the road.

Implement Progressive Workplace Culture

  • Comprehensive, non-judgmental approach
  • Address changing employee & client demographics

We will learn from each other throughout this process.

Diversity, equity and inclusion continue to evolve, change and grow.

Improve Understanding of Key Demographics

  • Address changing employee & client demographics

We help you understand evolving demographics, educating you on your employees, target markets and how to best serve them.

We take a comprehensive approach to diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility and anti-racism by looking at an organization as a whole.

Our intersectional approach considers an organization's leadership, policies, workplace environment, programs and communications and how they interact with each other. We work with the leaders, advise on policy development.